Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unplanned-unimaginable-unstoppable Interruptions

Life changes when it happens . . . 
the unplanned-unimaginable-unstoppable interruption.
The thing is . . . interruptions always play out . . . when we face the moment with patience and peace, believing God is in control, trusting all things to come together through Him.
It so happened that as Zachariah was carrying out his priestly duties before God, working the shift assigned to his regiment, it came his one turn in life to enter the sanctuary of God and burn incense. The congregation was gathered and praying outside the Temple at the hour of the incense offering. Unannounced, an angel of God appeared just to the right of the altar of incense. Zachariah was paralyzed in fear. But the angel reassured him, "Don't fear, Zachariah. Your prayer has been heard. Elizabeth, your wife, will bear a son by you. You are to name him John. You're going to leap like a gazelle for joy, and not only you—many will delight in his birth. He'll achieve great stature with God. (Luke 1:8-15, The Message) 
So.  Zachariah was doing his once-in-a-life-time job when he was interrupted.  It was the one thing that the priest waited for . . . to enter into the holy of holies in the temple. . . the greatest moment ever to be remembered and talked about the rest of a priest's life! Are you kidding?  In that moment he was interrupted?  Not before or after? But. He had been interrupted in the middle of his moment by an angel who was bringing a life-changing message from God. The unplanned-unimaginable-unstoppable interruption not only changed the lives of Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth, but all of history.
Are you open to God interrupting your life and doing something new?  
Surrender everything . . . every detail of what you have planned . . . open yourself up to what God is doing.  Look at unplanned-unimaginable-unstoppable interruptions through the lens of faith, trusting God to work everything together for the good.

Learning to Kickstart the day open to what God is doing, especially in an unplanned-unimaginable-unstoppable interruption,

(written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)